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Snell Research Center


The mission of the Snell Research Center (SRC) is to engage in scientific, educational and charitable activities; to research and develop safety equipment for the prevention of injuries; and to develop and provide information, materials and services to encourage safe behaviors and the use of safety equipment. The center will also develop and provide biological models to aid in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

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The Center is currently preparing, producing and distributing information and materials about head injury prevention and helmet use for race car drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, skiers and skaters. The information and materials are disseminated via seminars, telephone, mail, video, brochures and internet homepage. The Center also offers technical support for the media, community safety groups, clubs and association and national state and local organizations for traffic safety and head injury prevention. Additional activities include the development of empirical biological models for the evaluation of treatment and rehabilitation methods as part of an integrated effect to reduce the incidence and consequences of brain and spinal cord injury.